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The 7-LEVEL Airbrush Bootcamp is a system for anyone who wants to learn how to create amazing Airbrush Art, without all the frustration and wasting months trying to figure it all out on their own.

This course is the perfect way
to start getting amazing results with your Airbrushing in the best and easiest way possible...Even If You've Never Airbrushed Before or Don't Think You Can Draw!! ~

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"The first four exercises alone are worth the price!
By the time I reached the Exercise 12 I saw a HUGE jump in my control and I'm not even half way through."

- Kirk Jay, Canada-

"I can confidently say that this course is the BEST way to learn airbrushing!  Broken into easy-to-understand lessons that are just so impressive!
This course took our work to the next level."
- Hayley Hoffman, The Airbrush Co. Australia"

"If you're going to do any airbrush course, this one is the MUST HAVE. I can’t tell you how much knowledge and confidence you will get from this course"
- Scott MacKay
Thin Air GraFx, U.S.A -

The airbrush is the most amazing art tool, but causes needless frustration and headaches for so many people.

I've heard so many horror stories about people who get so frustrated because they just don't know where they're going wrong and can't seem to get the results they want.
I've heard too many times of people who already got all the gear and it's just sitting collecting dust because they got frustrated, hit a wall and just didn't know how to break through!

Those days are OVER!

Daniel Power's Signature 7-LEVEL Airbrush Bootcamp breaks down Airbrushing into easy to follow, achievable building blocks!

Through the course, your skills grow and  develop with each lesson, and once completed, ANYONE can Airbrush!


By the end of the program, you will know how to paint artwork like these from start to finish, even if you’ve never touched an airbrush before or don't think you can draw! 


Have fun airbrushing!
Everything you need in easy-to follow, step-by-step lessons to start airbrushing your art the way you want!!


~ The artworks below use the 
exact airbrush skills you will learn inside of 7-LEVEL Ultimate Airbrush Bootcamp ~

Watch  Anywhere, Any Time, on Any Device! 

"It literally made my work better overnight.
-Bruce Koch, Florida. USA

"Your Airbrush Course is like an airbrush bible for me! It was the only reason i was able to pick up airbrushing from basically nothing, and learn things that have moulded ALL my art. I’ve caught the airbrush bug and haven’t put it down since! THANK YOU!"

- Henry Green, USA -

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Meet Your Airbrush Guide

So who am I and Why Should you choose me to teach you How to Airbrush?

Hi! I'm Daniel Power! You I have a lot in common.

  • We’re both passionate about art and being creative.
  • We both really wanted to learn to airbrush (it’s such an amazing art tool!)
  • We both want to be able to have real skill with an airbrush (not just some quick tricks) and really learn to airbrush in the best way possible!

The fact is, from the first time I touched an airbrush, I had the bug. I was going to learn to use the airbrush and get the results I'd dreamed of or die trying!

After lots of persistence, frustration and lots of trial and error, I got to where I wanted with the airbrush! 

I've now been airbrushing professionally for over 30 years. I've done work for companies including Disney, Village Roadshow & Sony and my work has featured on the cover or in over two dozen Art & Airbrush Magazines. I have airbrushed commissioned art and taught in 16 countries around the world!

Even decades later, I still remember exactly what it was like to struggle through those early practice sessions.  The airbrush not doing what I wanted, the trial and error, things not turning out how I saw them in my head and simply not knowing what to do next.
Frustrated because I didn't know why it wasn't working while feeling like I should be a lot further along. 

That’s why I developed this course. I don't want you getting frustrated for years like I did. Getting lost and then just not knowing what to do next.  I've taken 30 years of what worked for me & got my students results, and have developed that knowledge into this ultimate course!
I teach in a non-traditional style.  No mumbo jumbo that you don’t understand or need. 

Instead, I focus on the foundations and fundamentals -
Every lesson is easy to follow and achievable.
Every lesson helps build on the last and gives you something you will use!
Every lesson
 gets you moves you forward and gives you more skills!

These are the skills you need to be able to use the airbrush whenever you want, and to have fun with your airbrush as soon as possible...so you can start creating and getting the results you want. Even start creating art that your family and friends won't believe!! 

And my students are more than happy with their results…


Daniel's Professional Bio

Daniel Power
 is deemed by many as one of the best airbrush artists and instructors in the world today.  As of April 2023, he has won over 25 National & International Airbrush Industry and Fine Art Awards, his artwork has featured on the covers and inside countless art and industry magazines worldwide, and his work is held by private collectors, as well as completing work for companies including Disney, Village Cinemas International, Sony, Peter Brock Racing and Cirque du Soleil to name a few.

His work has been commissioned in over 16 countries with art projects and his teaching workshops taking him on multiple trips to Norway, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, U.K and the U.S.A.

Daniel has been teaching since 1999, Selling over 12,000 Instructional Airbrush DVD sets, and students coming to attend his live airbrush classes in Melbourne from all over Australia and the world including students traveling from New Zealand, Canada, USA, Singapore, Sweden, Spain and Ireland.

Just a  sampling of Daniel's work on magazine covers and articles from Australia, U.S.A, Germany, UK and Malaysia.


Day 1: Getting started & Core Control (Pt I)

  • Getting Started/Mindset
  • Equipment Overview:
    - Types of airbrushes, Types of paints and options for Air Sources. 
  • Airbrushing Overview
  • Exercises 1 - 3 of Daniel Powers Fundamental Airbrush control exercises that are the beginning and basis of all confident airbrush control. 

Day 2: Fundamental Airbrush Control (Pt II)

  • Daniel Power's fundamental airbrush control training has been developed and refined over decades of airbrush experience and helped thousands of students how to airbrush. Each exercises builds from the previous and prepares for the next.  
  • Exercises 4 – 8 of Daniel Powers Foundational Airbrush control exercises.These are part of Daniels group of "Fundamentals" exercises that allow you to pick up the airbrush and create artwork with confidence!

Day 3: Fundamental Airbrush Control (Pt III)

  • These exercises build control and confidence that allows you to apply airbrushing toward any creative project. 
  • Exercises 9 – 11 of Daniel Powers Airbrush control exercises. 
  • The 'Daniel Power Fundamentals' allow you to build muscle memory and consciousness of control with the airbrush

Day 4: Tips to drawing up artwork & First full artwork - 'The Hands'

  • Drawing up your artwork: We look at many different methods of transferring and drawing up artwork. From more traditional methods through to projector types we look at 6 different methods for drawing up an artwork.  Covering all the tricks and tips for each method
  • Exercise 12- “The Hands”
    A practical application of the previous 11 exercises in an artwork exercise that is demonstrated and broken down step by step. Easy to follow with every stroke explained and assigned from the previous 11 exercises as applied to the project. 

Day 5: Principles of Painting, Learning Freehand Templates plus Bonus Exercises!

  • Additional bonus exercises and variant techniques that will be forever helpful no matter what kind of airbrushing you are wanting to do. 
  • Daniel runs through 14 extremely valuable and important principles of painting that you can carry with you and apply to your own projects and style.
  • In this unit we also look at freehand templates, their uses, their pros and cons and a variety of the most useful tools. Both manufactured and improvised. 

Day 6: How to get sharp edges & transitional edges

  • The “Half/Half” Eye.
    As the name suggests, this exercise is divided into two parts where we lean into both freehand and then templates with airbrushing.
  • This unit also compares the differences, pros and cons of freehand vs templates. 
  • We also look at how they can work together to compliment each other. 

Day 7: "The Opaque Eye", Color theory fundmentals & Color Capping

  • We look at important colour and tonal principles that will open up your mind as to how tones and colors work together and interact. 
  • We look at a clever and easy to use system of "Color Capping" while working with opaque paints
  • We put these principles into practise and do another practical application exercise artwork in opaque paints

Day 8: Repairing & re-working Artwork

  • After we complete the beautiful exercise from Day 7, Daniel will show the ever important steps and process of how to fix single chroma-scale artwork if you make a mistake or change your mind! 

Day 9: Final Project 

  • This is where everything from the previous days culminates into one final project to complete the bootcamp. 
    And just like every other exercise, we are adding new elements and steps to help you grow and build to ensure your best development and result!

Day 10: Airbrush maintenance & Bonus Demos!

  • Airbrush and equipment maintenance. Airbrush Cleaning and Basic airbrush repairs
  • Some great Airbrush hacks and money saving ideas!
  • Additional bonus content!! Application of course content on figures, cosplay, cakes and more 

Don't take our word for it, just look at what the Top Pro's have to say...

Dennis Mathewson

“The Daniel Power Level 1 airbrush course is by far the best instructional video for beginner and intermediate airbrusher's ever made.
It covers the basics, but far more than just that. Most courses out there (and I have seen many) cover only one subject.  This courses range of knowledge will keep you busy for a long time practising the art.
Dennis Mathewson

Mike Lavallee- Legacy Legend

“Daniel Power guides you through the fundamentals of airbrushing and from beginning to end, each module is jam packed with information, tips and tricks for aspiring airbrush artists to learn the ways of the airbrush.
In the Power Series Bootcamp Daniel walks you step by step and I would insist that if you want to learn how to airbrush that you make the this course a must-have! 
Mike Lavallee
KillerPaint Airbrush Studio.    

Scott MacKay

"Aside from being an amazing course, it’s packed with the information you would be learning in expensive art school. 
As a self taught painter for more than twenty years I developed some bad habits which became clear after watching this series.
It takes the pain out of airbrushing. If you going to have any instructional course in you collection this is a must have! ” 

Scott MacKay a.k.a GraFx Thin Air GraFx airbrush & design

...and just a small sampling of what students have to say...

I did a 4 day course when I first started but learned way more by watching your Level 1 Bootcamp than I did at that course!  I still go through the course now when I practice, I think I've actually learnt more  about art in general from ur course that I have so far in art school.

Your course taught me to airbrush. Your course is hands down the most helpful. You’re a natural teacher. Your course is not the typical airbrush course; they are high quality art supplements that can be used with any media or application, so thank you...

Jason Billman, U.K

WOW! Nothing more to actually say. If you are a beginner or an experienced artist, you will learn something from this airbrush course.
Firstly, this tutorial course comes with SO much information and all the exercises are filmed in real time.
Starting from what equipment to use and finishing with a monochrome portrait, what more can you ask for?  The set is worth it just for learning Daniel's “cut and blend” and Daniel’s own take on the dagger stroke.

 If you get only one airbrush course, then make it this one. You get more than your money's worth.

André van Wyk. AVW AirbrushWorks. Johannesburg. 

I own numerous airbrush trainings from guys like Craig Fraser, Mike Lavallee, Steve Vandemon and Mike Learn. All of which are good dvds. 
I would say Daniel Powers Level 1 Bootcamp is easily the BEST AIRBRUSH COURSE I have ever spent my money on. I got more from this one course than I did from all the others combined. It has improved my skills and boosted my confidence with the airbrush immensely.

Highly recommend to anyone looking to buy an airbrush DVD, buy this DVD set before you buy any other. Can't wait to get Vol. 2." 

Gary Yuill. Tauranga, New Zealand

“I've just had a marathon session watching your course....about 4 times in a row....and I gotta say you've truly inspired me to pick up an airbrush again and try again (after many disheartening failures)

Thanks for the this course! I've watched them all, from Fraser, Crosseyed, Goodeve and the works, and this has to be the easiest to watch, most informative, and most importantly for me, the most inspiring airbrush set to give airbrushing another go.”

 Jarrod Leonard, Launceston, Tasmania

 “Well,  all i have to say is 100% grade A!! I have been painting on and off for around 15 years. I have purchased other courses through out that time, and none of them come close to what you have put together! Hands down the best airbrush course in the world! I highly recommend this course to anyone that has an interest in airbrush from beginner to pro! Very easy to follow and an awesome teacher! This should be the first airbrush training anyone gets: period! Great job from a true master! I can't wait for the next set to come! Thank you again.”

Sean Eugene. USA

When I started to watch the the videos I knew I had made a great purchase! Informative and fun; he goes through not only the how, but the ever important why and stresses the importance of mastery of the fundamentals. Professional advice presented professionally; it simply doesn't get any better then this! Thanks Dan for sharing and inspiring!!! This course should be owned by everyone!

Jake Lawless, California. U.S.A



1-Day Airbrush FX  Workshop 

Included FREE with PRE-ORDERS ONLY (normally $97)

Early adopters of Airbrush Bootcamp will not only save $200! ($297 down from $497!) But also get  the bonus "Special Airbrush FX" Workshop. This course has only ever been taught as a one day special event workshop in my studio before, and will be $97 on its own after the promotion, but is included FREE early enrolment PROMO BUNDLE!! 

FREE BONUS #2 & #3 

2. Members Only Course Group ($195)

You will get access to the Airbrush Bootcamp private Members Group where you can ask questions, get updates and help when you need it from a community of like minded creatives!

3. LIVE Q&A sessions ($200 yearly)

You also get access to LIVE group Question & Answer sessions with Daniel to assist with your airbrush journey along the way.  These will be held in the exclusive online group.  

Whats Included In The Course?

Over 8 hours of Direct Instruction in Easy-to-Follow Value Packed Video Tutorials

This course is over 8 HOURS OF CONTENT over dozens of value packed video tutorials. A proven course that has helped 4900+ students to airbrush. Making it easier and more fun to airbrush, with amazing results than ever before.

Exclusive Online Group Member access!

An amazing resource to share and have access to like minded creatives on their airbrush journey.  Somewhere to ask questions,  get feedback and even give input into improvements on the course and upcoming courses. 

Regular LIVE Q&A sessions

You will get access to to regular LIVE group Question & Answer sessions with Daniel to assist with your airbrush journey along the way.  These will be held in the exclusive online group.  


Who This Course Is NOT For?

❌  You do not care about SPEED or doing things properly!​ This program was created for people that want to develop this incredibly fun and valuable skillset in the easiest and most efficient way possible. 

  Your aren't willing or interested in following a proven course with systematic methods

  Have an abundance of time and prefer to take all the time in the world to figure things out on your own with trial and error, not worrying about when or how you get to the skill level you want. 






Who This Course Is For?

✅  You’ve been looking into airbrushing for a while now but have been struggling to get started because you don’t know the best way to do it.

✅  You’re looking for something practical that will guide you through the beginning of your airbrush journey. You value your time and know the value in time and money of following a proven plan.

✅  Anyone who has started airbrushing but is getting frustrated and just not getting the results they are aiming for.

✅  You want to set up the foundations for your airbrushing correctly so that you can avoid mistakes by learning airbrushing with a proven system. Using tried and tested methods that have been utilised by almost 5000 students

✅ You like learning with step-by-step guidance and practical exercises that SHOW YOU how to do things and what to expect, but also who you what to avoid and what NOT to do!

✅  Any Cosplayers, cake decorators, body-painters & creatives that want to introduce airbrushing. The fundamentals in this course can be learned and applied by ANY and ALL creatives who have NEVER airbrushed but would love to add airbrushing to their skillset 

✅  Anyone who wants to learn airbrushing in the fastest, best and most efficient and cost effective way

✅  Anyone who wants access to and to be part of the Airbrush Bootcamp online member community, as well as being a part of regular live Q&A sessions with Daniel Power 

Enrol Today! 👉

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course OK if I've never airbrushed before?

YES! This is the perfect course for you, even if you've never touched an airbrush before! Level 1 Airbrush Bootcamp was designed to take anyone from knowing nothing about airbrushing or art at all to being able to have complete control and confidence with an airbrush, and produce awesome quality projects.

As you can see from the testimonials, we've helped people who have literally never touched an airbrush or paintbrush before before, all the way to people who have been in the industry for years but want to up their game even more.

The most common words used to describe Daniels courses are "AMAZING", "FUN", "INSPIRING", "VALUE PACKED" and "AMAZING".

Basically, skill level is Beginner to Intermediate

I don't think I'm artistic and can't even draw a stick figure. Can I still do this course?

YES! Absolutely. 
Level 1 Airbrush Bootcamp is about learning a tool and understanding how to break down an image into bite size pieces. By the end of this course you will look at images in a completely different way!
Not only will it open your eyes on how to look at images and image creation, allowing you to create things you never thought possible; But once you're able to control it, the airbrush is also an amazing tool that can create amazing effects that can be used in a multitude of ways that  don't even require the ability to draw. 


How Long Do I Get Access?

How does lifetime access sound?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this program for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Follow along on a phone, tablet or desktop. 

Inside the program there are 10-days of skill developing content + exercises. 

Can't I learn all of this on YouTube?

While YouTube is a great resource, it is a difficult place to piece together organized, action-oriented information and turn that into a true change in your life.

With this program, there's no hunting down videos, commenting amongst hundreds of others and hoping for a response, or getting lost in a YouTube rabbit hole.

If you want to take action FAST, and have my support, then this is program is for you


Is There A Guarantee?

Absolutely. We have a 30 day money back guarantee! If you aren't satisfied for any reason at all you can ask for your money back in full within 30 days of the purchase.

Should I invest in the Airbrush Bootcamp before investing in airbrush gear??

Its completely up to you..

Which do you believe would be worth more to you:

1. Potentially over-spending on one expensive piece of equipment then spending hours scouring Youtube trying to learn how to master it with zero step-by-step skill-developing practice exercises?

2. Investing just $197 today developing the airbrush skills, methods, understanding and abilities to succeed with any gear you can buy new or second hand in the future? 

Any Professional or Proficient Airbrush Artists typically agree that having the right, usable skills is more important than having expensive top of the line equipment.

But at the end of the day, you can use your own best judgment to make an informed decision. I'm just here to give you the information. 

Still Not Sure if "7 Level Airbrush Bootcamp” Will Help You?

Then Let Me Take All The Risk!

Here’s Your No-Questions-Asked,
Money-Back, No-Strings-Attached “Happiness” Guarantee.

Here’s my promise to you…

The “Airbrush Bootcamp System” will help you airbrush and create art pieces you love with ease and confidence.
Soon you’ll be sitting creating with confidence and control, creating things for yourself,  friends and family. You have everything you need to get started right here in this course.

I guarantee you’ll see real results… that is, if you actually use the “Airbrush Bootcamp System.”
I can’t practice for you. But I’ve given you everything you need, and much more, to see real, steady progress!

As soon as you enroll, you’ll get an email giving you complete and immediate access to all the available videos and tools (over 4 .5 hours already live with Early Enrolment and double that still coming). All you have to do is put them to use and sit back to enjoy the results.

And if you’re not satisfied for ANY reason with my course or lesson materials……just let me and my team know with a quick email to [email protected] within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll send you a full refund.

This Is a “30-Day” Money-Back Guarantee

Which means you have 30 days to go through the course before you decide if you feel it is worth it.

Sound fair?

Let's look at everything you get when you Enrol today!!

✅ 7-Level Airbrush Bootcamp ($997- Save $700)

✅ 1 Day Airbrush FX  (Save $197)

✅ Private member Group (Save $297)

✅ Live Q&A's (Save $197)

Total Value: $1688
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